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Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 From an exceptionally beautiful Warhol Mao to an enchanting rodent marching trip from Taiwan, quality and novelty are at an equally high level - exactly what you want from a trade fair.

If you have two criteria for a successful art fair, the quality of the offered work and the novelty of its content, there is perhaps no better fair in the world today than Art Basel Hong Kong. Here are some of the most remarkable pieces you can encounter in this buzzing sixth edition of the event, which takes place at the exact moment when the long-division components of the Eastern and Western art markets have finally been emulsified.
Yu Hong A New Century (2017) Long March Space - Beijing In the range of $ 800,000 A stunning wall-swallower by the sensationally talented painter Yu Hong, the canvas that steals the show in the artist's solo stand for Long March Space, ......

UNESCO World Heritage, villages de France

UNESCO World Heritage, villages de France Special places to visit, listed as “plus beau villages de France

Beynac-et-Cazenac, for the art lover there is "Maison Atelier Pierre"

Beaumont, Cadouin (with its abbey listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site),

MEMORY'S / tell Facebook “ You can’t censor ART “


Brains respond to art just like love

Brains respond to art just like love
Looking at art can make a person as happy as staring a loved one in the eye,

according to a British study. Perhaps that is also a good argument in the Netherlands against spending cuts on culture.

Subjects underwent brain scans while seeing thirty paintings by world-famous artists.
When they looked at paintings that they found the most beautiful,
the blood flow increased by up to ,,,,,,

Beynac-et-Cazenac Art Works and History

Beynac-et-Cazenac Art Works and History /  
firmly connected with its past, in relation to the rock on which it is built, is a beautiful village that has retained all its medieval charm.


Beynac, the strategic importance of the Cliff and its plateau had a direct influence on the architectural approach to the defense works. Populated since the Bronze Age, this location was "naturally" protected and became the object of numerous desires. This limestone building, anchored on the banks of the Dordogne River, became the object of many pages in history. Even if the Vézère valley was known for its prehistoric remains from the many paleolithic sites, the caves and shelters built in the rock at Beynac also testify to the presence of reindeer hunters who had inhabited the area close to the river. 
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Facebook censors Stone Age Porn

Facebook censors Stone Age Porn
 The prehistoric "Venus of Willendorf" statue, considered a masterpiece from the Palaeolithic era, is censored by Facebook and indignantly wedged Wednesday at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, where it can be seen.

The little figure of a lascivious naked woman, about 30,000 years old, was discovered in the Austrian village of Willendorf in the early 20th century and is considered "the icon" of the museum, said the director general of the facility , Christian Koeberl, in a statement.

The 11 centimeter (4 inch) statue from the early Stone Age is "the most popular and best-known prehistoric representation of a woman worldwide," he added.

The controversy started in December when Italian art activist Laura Ghianda posted a picture of the artwork on the social network site that went viral.

The natural history museum expressed indignation and said in his statement; "We think that an archaeological object, especially s…

Commissioned / Assignment Portraits

Commissioned / Assignment Portraits  by Pierre van Dijk, Maison / Atelier Pierre , 
Beynac et Cazenac 24220 Dordogne France .
this page is intended To give you an impression of my portraits . 
 My work; Pierre Paintings

Assignment; King Charles Portrait,Drawing,1987, Pierre v.Dijk . Visit my Site for more relevant information

Assignment ; Portrait, Siamees kitten ,Drawing,1987, Pierre v.Dijk Visit my Site for more relevant information



With just 2 weeks to go until TEFAF Maastricht opens, here is a summary of what you can look forward to during the 2018 edition of the fair. More information is available via the TEFAF website ./ 10 th march/ art pierre

opening days.............

"Angel Corpa" Spanish Musician

"Angel Corpa"
Spanish Musician; He was born in January 1952 in the city of Cuenca of Barajas de Melo. In 1972 he created Huelva Jarcha, a musical group that is essential to understand the music of the Spanish transition. In Jarcha he composes a large part of his successes by recording

" Thank you Angel for this special experience"