December 30, 2018
David SmeuldersProfessor of TU Eindhoven: 'Now from the gas only leads to more CO2 emissions'
EINDHOVEN - If we now stop using natural gas, CO2 emissions will only increase, says TU / e professor David Smeulders.

Incomprehension and miscalculation. They are words that regularly fall into a conversation with David Smeulders about the haste the government wants the households of the gas to have and the apparent arguments that are used for that.
The TU / e Professor of Mechanical Engineering is providing a 'second Betuwe line'.
According to Smeulders, the climate agenda is dominated by people who are insufficiently familiar with the subject matter and have failed to call in experts.
"Innovation is underexposed and that is bad news for our region".

Warme Winter - Pierre

Pierre van Dijk Expositie Galerie KuBra presenteert: ‘Warme Winter’

Exhibition from 28-12-18 to 03-02-'19 I am personally present at; Sunday, December 30-'18, Saturday, January 19-'19 and on Sunday, January 27-'19. and by appointment. email; more info.

Who needs artists

Who needs artists? Rise in works made by artificial intelligence raises real questions for the art market A new portrait produced by an algorithm, expected to sell for around $10,000 at Christie’s this month, prompts new debates over authorship
Portrait of Edmond Belamy was created using an as-yet-unrevealed source code and hits the auction block this monthCourtesy of Christie’s

"UNESCO - BIOSPHERE" < Mismanagement >

Save the valley of the Dordogne EPIDOR is the public establishment of the department which has been entrusted with the management of the UNESCO site which itself is supposed to protect the Dordogne from this type of road infrastructure. But here UNESCO agrees to sell off its ranking because the president of EPIDOR is none other than .... Germinal Peiro. ( Money without brains )

11 Juillet 2012  Directrice Generale de L'UNESCO   

Sauvons la vallée de la Dordogne EPIDOR est l’établissement public du département à qui on a confié la gestion du site UNESCO qui lui-même est censé protéger la Dordogne de ce type d'infrastructure routière. Mais ici l'UNESCO accepte de brader son classement car le président d'EPIDOR n'est autre que.... Germinal Peiro.....L'argent sans cerveaux......

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Draw the ;  P I T I T I O N 

Draw the ;  P I T I T I O N 

Data reinforce "the valley road is not necessary."

Dordogne: according to the mayor of Beynac we can cross the city without problems. !!!!!!!

" Broken mirrors BEYNAC cost community 50 million "

Alain Passerieux reveals the results of a study conducted this summer. It proves that there were no blockades in the crossing during the observed period.
Hope or lose,!!  don't stop ...... sign the petition.!!

This will not soften the relations between Germinal Peiro and the opponents of the bypass of Beynac. Among the arguments put forward by the president of the department to justify the establishment of the bypass, there are repeated blockades on this route, which is very popular with tourists in the summer. Development work was carried out between 2015 and July 2017 to secure and increase the lane. According to the mayor, Alain Passerieux, they have paid off.

Between 7,000 and 9,300 vehicles a day at the intersection
The chosen person is based on a study conducted by an independent company between 3 and 9 August. "This same…