French Painters in Exile

 Do not be surprised, as I was, Impressionists in London. "The title is misleading - it would be more accurate to use its subtitle," French Artists in Exile, 1870-1904, "but certainly Impressionists sell more tickets. No matter, it is still an extremely interesting exhibition that is worth seeing.

The show starts out as a sort of illustrated history lesson, setting the stage for many people in London to escape the horrors of the four-month Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War (July 1870-January) 1871), during which starring Parisians were forced to eat pets, rats, and zoo animals, and the uprising that followed the city of Paris set up a left-wing government known as the Commune, which was soon viciously crushed by the national government (not the first time in Paris) in a bloody massacre or some 20,000 of the Parisian upstarts. Many of the city's monuments, including the Tuileries Palace and the Hôtel de Vi…

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Karl Lagerfeld - Maison -

The former German mansion of Karl Lagerfeld is on the market for £ 8 MILLION - complete with the luxurious finish of the Chanel designer

A luxury villa once owned by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, 84, in the north of Germany has come on the market - with all the luxury you would expect from the man at the helm of Chanel.
The 12,000 m² property, which is listed by Hamburg-based estate agents Engel & Völkers, offers breathtaking views of the River Elbe and is filled with design attributes that Karl has chosen during his stay in the sumptuous home.

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The Zadkine Museum

ZADKINE in the French Les Arques / department of the Lot

The devastated city - Rotterdam The Netherlands

The Zadkine Museum is now located in his former residence and workshop, located on Rue d 'Assas in Paris. Also in the French Les Arques in the Department of Lot there is a Zadkine museum in his summer residence, where a number of his works are exhibited. In the crypt of the Romanesque church in front of this museum is a Piëta of Zadkine. In the town, which has been completely restored, there is an artists' center.

Zadkine was the son of a Jewish / Belarusian father, Ephime Zadkine (teacher of classical languages ​​in Smolensk), and a mother of Scottish origin, Sophie Lester.

In 1905 his father sent him to England, where he stayed with a cousin or his mother. From the autumn of 1908 he attended classes at the Arts and Crafts School in London. From October 1909 he settled in Paris. With, among others, Léger, Archipenko and Chagall and became friends with Modigliani.

In early…