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French Painters in Exile

 Do not be surprised, as I was, Impressionists in London. "The title is misleading - it would be more accurate to use its subtitle," French Artists in Exile, 1870-1904, "but certainly Impressionists sell more tickets. No matter, it is still an extremely interesting exhibition that is worth seeing.

The show starts out as a sort of illustrated history lesson, setting the stage for many people in London to escape the horrors of the four-month Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War (July 1870-January) 1871), during which starring Parisians were forced to eat pets, rats, and zoo animals, and the uprising that followed the city of Paris set up a left-wing government known as the Commune, which was soon viciously crushed by the national government (not the first time in Paris) in a bloody massacre or some 20,000 of the Parisian upstarts. Many of the city's monuments, including the Tuileries Palace and the Hôtel de Vi…

Pierre van Dijk -Bass , Fabien - guitar , session in the Bo-Bar Beynac


Karl Lagerfeld - Maison -

The former German mansion of Karl Lagerfeld is on the market for £ 8 MILLION - complete with the luxurious finish of the Chanel designer

A luxury villa once owned by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, 84, in the north of Germany has come on the market - with all the luxury you would expect from the man at the helm of Chanel.
The 12,000 m² property, which is listed by Hamburg-based estate agents Engel & Völkers, offers breathtaking views of the River Elbe and is filled with design attributes that Karl has chosen during his stay in the sumptuous home.

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Masterclass on location Atelier Beynac-et-Cazenac dordogne France / for experienced and starting painters in oil and acrylic , Read more ; ,

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