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Beijing Sets Its First-Ever

Beijing Sets Its First-Ever Gallery Weekend for March 2017 Based off the success of Berlin Gallery Weekend, the Chinese capital gets its own.
The first Gallery Weekend Beijing (GWBJ) will take place in March 2017, with 18 participating galleries and art institutions showing works by over 60 artists. The three-day contemporary art event kicks off on March 17 and continues until March 19. Beijing Gallery Weekend is dedicated to making more apparent the significant work galleries do in expanding their artists’ careers, as well as Beijing’s burgeoning art scene.

The first gallery weekend in the world opened in 2004 in Berlin, to offer a more intimate space for galleries and collectors in comparison to art fairs, and to attract more international art collectors to the city. GWBJ was founded in 2016 by German artist Thomas Eller to support Beijing’s gallery system and artists.  “Beijing has some of the best galleries China has to offer and the aim of GWBJ is to provide a platform to enhance t…

China’s Rising Kingdom of Contemporary Art

China’s Rising Kingdom of Contemporary Art Toshio Yoshida painting at Fergus McCaffrey (Courtesy of Kenny Schachter)
Miao Ying at .com/.cn organized by K-11 and MoMA PS1 (Courtesy Kenny Schachter) Simon Fujiwara at Beijing’s Si Shang Museum (Courtesy Kenny Schachter)
Poisoned Tongues and Chicken Feet: My Sojourn to China’s Rising Kingdom of Contemporary Art Our dealer-scribe ferrets out the news to be had in the Far East.
As an art lifer, I’ve begun to measure the remainder of my days by how many Art Basel fairs I’ve left to attend. The fifth iteration of Art Basel Hong Kong (or 10th if you include pre-Basel ownership)—together with Beijing’s first Art Gallery Weekend—brought me to China this time around. For the art world, China and the region represents a new constituency with a voracious, unparalleled curiosity and hunger to learn. The military may run the biggest auction house, Poly, but who’s to judge considering what’s happening in the rest of the world? China was recently defined as constituting 20 percent of the art market in the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report by Clare McAndrew (poached from the Maastricht fair) versus 21 percent for the UK and 40 percent for the United States. So, off I went with no clear plans and fewer invi…

Is Joe Bradley the Heir to Picasso?

Is Joe Bradley the Heir to Picasso? A Solo Show at the Cubist’s Chateau Makes the Case He Is The initiative marks the first attempt to turn Picasso's former studio into a contemporary art venue.
Showing works at Pablo Picasso’s studio would be a dream for any artist, a dream that will come true for US painter Joe Bradley when he exhibits new sculptures at Château de Boisgeloup, the Spanish master’s private home in the idyllic French countryside. Organized by the Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso (FABA), the Bradley show will mark the public debut of the legendary artist’s former home and workplace as an art space. It has remained mostly empty since the artist’s death in 1975.
The property, which was intermittently used as a storage facility, was tentatively tested by FABA as an arts venue in 2012 when it hosted a private exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso, David Smith, Cy Twombly and Franz West for a VIP audience of less than 100 guests.
Like Picasso, Joe Bradley’s work h…
" News Paper " Art Stars Trek to Nepal for the First Kathmandu Trienniale, Promoting Regional Solidarity
'As much as the western biennials have somewhat lost their reason to be, the smaller biennials still make a lot of sense,' said Francis Alÿs. The first edition of the Kathmandu Triennale, curated by Philippe Van Cauteren, director of S.M.A.K Museum for Contemporary Art, opened this past weekend amid a slow tourist season in Nepal. Still recovering from the earthquake of 2015, Kathmandu is yet in the process of rebuilding itself, and the Triennale seems to be aware of its potential to achieve more with smaller gestures. Thus, to visit is not to witness pageantry or diverse confluence, but instead to see the strong, first step of an emergent contemporary art scene. “For me, Kathmandu is the first artist of the show, the protagonist of the exhibition,” Van Cauteren told Formerly known as the Kathmandu International Arts Festival (KIAF), of which two editions (2009, 2…
Australian breasts used as brush

The Australian Di Peel is making progress as an artist. But do not pull the paintings themselves the attention, but the way they are manufactured. Namely the artist uses her breasts as brush. Produced the first work about 7.50 euro, meanwhile Peel sells her work to eightfold.

"I'm first of paint on my breasts and push them onto the canvas, or do the paint first on the canvas, then I smear by pressing my breasts against it," says Peel, who lives on the island of Tasmania ". She works at the kitchen since that her way of painting is easier than an easel. To clean the painting material Peel takes every time they first used a color shower. "Each painting is signed by a nipple print," says Peel.

According to the artist the objects in her paintings appear even on the most abstract flowers. "My latest work but looks as if some of the Earth seen from space. My son called the earthquake, because he finds it look like an earthquake…

Willem de Kooning

Remember him
" Willem de Kooning "

Postmasters Gallery Announces New Rome Office and New Director Big changes are afoot at the gallery.
Tribeca’s Postmasters Gallery is branching out. The gallery announced that their New York director, Paulina Bebecka, would be heading up a new outpost in Rome, and named Kerry Doran the director of the New York gallery.
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