Tell this to everyone.
No RESPECT Prefectural Prescriptions

Can you imagine what kind of impact this road has in the now untouched Dordogne valley.
And there is no reason for this road of a few Km. with two bridges and a tunnel !!
Costs 50 Million.
This idea was stopped for 30 years.

Beynac-et-Cazenac new Road / No RESPECT Prefectural Prescriptions /Dordogne-Unesco.

It is really crazy that this is now being pushed through.
The Dordogne valley, on the list of UNESCO, does not make any impression in politics here in the dordogne.
No respect whatsoever.
Confidence in Politics is now zero.
50 million is worth waiting for !!
It seems that this has to do with corruption and self enrichment
We see no other reason than Corrupt Money.
Confidence in Politics is now zero.

90% of the population is against this. This also does not make any impression on Dordogne politics.
No respect for democracy. !!! ??
Confidence in Politics is now zero.

Beynac-et-Cazenac Without new Road / Dordogne with 1 old bridge / the second bridge (Modern) is visible for this old one, an unaesthetic appearance. You then sail under the highway, not really romantic.

Every year more than 1. million tourists, + / _ 60% French and + / _ 40% from elsewhere,
will certainly not be happy with it.
They have been coming for years because of the beautiful untouched nature.
And this trend is still increasing.
So this is going to cost the dordogne a lot of income in the future.
Confidence in the future now is zero

Tell this to everyone.

Sincerely “Dordogne Valley” ;
“La Roque Gageac”
“Chateau de Fayrac - Unesco -"
“Gardens of Marqueyssac”

And all 90% citizens.

Tell this to everyone.

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